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 Poze Sharon K. Yntema , Christine Beard: New Vegetarian Baby

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Sharon K. Yntema , Christine Beard: New Vegetarian Baby

SKU: 9780935526639

An all-new edition of America's favorite guide to bringing up baby as a vegetarian, this book incorporates all the latest information to answer questions and lay to rest any lingering doubts about a vegetarian regimen for infants.

The New Vegetarian Baby is a must have for families raising vegetarian children. It offers detailed information about the nutritional needs and requirements for infants and toddlers. Helpful information regarding nutritional guidelines for pregnant and lactating women are also reviewed. This book includes information on other topics, ranging from managing home and work to weaning and development. There are a few recipes with sample feeding menus, but it is more of a reference book than a cookbook. Interesting topics combined with easy reading make this book a recommended choice for vegetarian families.

The book also offers ideas for menus for your baby, and at the end there is a useful FAQ section.

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Categorie: Carti Straine

Greutate produs: 1 kg.

Cod produs (SKU): 9780935526639

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