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 Poze Joanne Stepaniak , Vesanto Melina: Raising Vegetarian Children : A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony

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Joanne Stepaniak , Vesanto Melina: Raising Vegetarian Children : A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony

SKU: 9780658021558

Responsible, compassionate guidance and sound nutritional advice for parents of vegetarian kids

"A must-have for anyone who understands that how we feed our children says a lot about who they will become."
--John Robbins, author of the bestsellers "Diet for a New America" and "The Food Revolution"

"Ultimate guide for fit, healthy families . . . required reading for every parent--whether vegetarian or not!"
--Jay Gordon, M.D., FAAP, pediatrician and author of "Good Food Today, Great Kids Tomorrow"

Vegetarianism is more than just a dietary decision; it's a lifestyle choice. But establishing that lifestyle within the bounds of ever-changing family dynamics can be a challenge. Perhaps you're a new parent concerned about imposing your vegetarian lifestyle on your baby, or you may be the head of a meat-eating family confused by your child's recent decision to become a vegetarian. With the compassionate, authoritative advice in " Raising Vegetarian Children," every parent--regardless of his or her dietary preference--will discover how to achieve healthy harmony in a vegetarian household.

With nutrient-rich recipes for everything from breads to spreads, enticing entrees to delectable desserts, you'll meet and even exceed your child's dietary requirements. These veggie meals will smooth an infant's transition to solid foods or soothe the most finicky teen palate. In addition to nutritional needs, you'll learn to address the social and emotional aspects of vegetarianism, including: Helping your child cope with pressure to conform to a standard diet Ensuring that school officials, caregivers, and relatives abide by your child's dietary wishes Dining out in nonvegetarian restaurants and celebrating traditional, meat-eating holidays

When parents choose a vegetarian lifestyle for their child, it can set family fingers wagging in dietary disapproval. It's no easier on steak-loving parents when Junior announces he's sworn off meat. With the strategies in Raising Vegetarian Children, parents can ease family tensions and learn to accommodate the nutritional and emotional needs of their vegetarian offspring.

It includes a detailed explanation of the Vegetarian Food Pyramid and its vitamin- and protein-rich foods, allays concerns over dietary gaps, and is packed with recipes that will please any growing vegetarian, from infant to teenager.


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Cod produs (SKU): 9780658021558

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