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 Poze Dr. Gabriel Cousens: There Is A Cure For Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21 Day+ Program.

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Dr. Gabriel Cousens: There Is A Cure For Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21 Day+ Program.

Cod: 9781556436918

We are proud to present Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ new book, There Is A Cure For Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21 Day+ Program. This book is the widely anticipated and revolutionary plan for reversing diabetes.

Dr. Cousens’ method, thoroughly tested at his world-famous Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, is based upon resetting the DNA through green foods and juices, specific supplements, and a diet rich in organic, nutrient-dense, vegan, mineral-rich, living foods over a period of twenty-one days. The book presents a program emphasizing low-glycemic and low-insulin-scoring meals, and urges us all to make a dramatic shift away from the Standard American Diet of genetically-modified food, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, as well as overly-processed, and mineral deficient foods.

Both practical and inspirational, the book explains how to leave behind the root causes of diabetes and move towards a more natural, nurturing approach. Those who have completed the program outlined by Dr. Cousens have found that insulin and related medicines become unnecessary after an average time of four days. Within the first two weeks, many participants in the program reported blood sugar returning to normal levels, and by the end of two weeks many participants displayed test results consistent with a non-diabetic physiology. The third week of the program focuses on live-food preparation, creating a bridge between the benefits of completing the full program and enjoying the healing properties of living foods, superfoods, and supplements in everyday life. The book includes 100 recipes for a wide variety of delicious raw and living foods, of which many were used to achieve the incredible results described in the documentary film Raw for 30 Days.

In addition to dietary considerations, Dr. Cousens emphasizes regular consultations, monitoring your blood sugar and chemistry, and emotional support. The book also includes a one-year support program to help maintain a diabetes-free life after successful completion of the program. This book is a thoroughly researched guide designed to be useful for everyone. It provides the tools required to immediately reverse the onset of this challenging disease using natural means.

There Is A Cure For Diabetes contains the following chapters and appendices:

Chapter 1: Diabetes Pandemic: World, Nations and Cultures, Cities

Chapter 2: Diabetic Lifestyle Habits and Risk Factors

Chapter 3: A Comprehensive Theory of Diabetes

Chapter 4: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program

Chapter 5: Happy Continuation: Living in the Culture of Life and Juice Feasting

Chapter 6: Culture of Life Cuisine

Appendix 1: About the Tree of Life

Appendix 2: The Tree of Life at the Dead Sea

Appendix 3: Continuing Education Opportunities and Resources


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